Sunday, August 23, 2009

Katrina says : " Weird"


It's been a boring day. And I have nothing to do. Wondering in my mind what to do tomorrow. Anyone? What should I do?


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Camp Pictures

Sorry... dont have much time to upload others

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Prefect's camp

1st day of camp
Friday we gather in school n wait for the bus.
After awhile, de bus came n we take our bags into the bus.
On de way to Janda Baik, we sang songs n took some pics in the bus. After one and a half hour we reached Janda Baik! Then, the Major introduced himself n the staff's [fessy]. After that, they did thought us how to set up tents. After setting up our tents, we went to the canteen to have our lunch. After having our lunch, we went back to the hall for Self-Awareness Program n many more. After dinner, we went for night walk xD. The major took all our torch light ~ creepy we're going to the jungle at 10+p.m. without torch light.
We actually went the wrong road =.= And the creepy part was i saw a black shadow beside my friend n i saw a person with white hair =x
When we reach back our camping place it was already 12+a.m. So we went back to our tents n sleep.

2nd day of camp
We woke up at 5a.m. and we had to snatch for toilets =.= it was freezing cold i was shiverring. After changing n washing up, we had a morning streching n jog.
After the jog, we went to the canteen for breakfast.
After that, we gather at the hall. We had "Saving The Eggs of Golden Phoenix", we have to save 4 eggs. They gave us 2 buloh, straws,strings and rubber bands. And the egg will be dropping down from 6 feet. Apparently our group, managed to save 2 eggs. Go Haruan ! After that, we had a Teams Project Presentation and lunch.
After that, they thought us on Organising Skills. And we have to get ready for our 3 presentations for camp fire program.
At the evening, we had to take our bath. And there were too many ppl using the toilet. So the Major ask some of us to take our bath at de river [ obviously its clean ] Puan Patricia, Yvonne, Gita also joined us. And Puan Hamidah was like taking pics of us at the bridge. After half and hour, we went back n change our wet clothes.
And went to the canteen to have our dinner =)
The camp fire was about to start, we all sat on the grass. After a few minutes, the Camp Fire Program started. There were so many performance such as : Acting like teachers, singing, games, poem and etc.
Awesome night!

3rd day of camp
Same as yesterday morning, it was freezing cold n we had our morning streching n jog.
Breakfast too of course. After breakfast, the NIGHTMARE begins. Leadership & Team Building Activities [BROKEN BRIDGE/BOOBY TRAP/HAZARD VALLEY/TREASURE OF LEPOH]. None of these are easy, extreme teamwork is needed. Although its hard, but we still got through. After that, we have cleaning up campaign, personal admin and lunch.
After finishing our lunch, we gather at the hall. Apparently, our groups is No.1!!!
After that, we took group pics before leaving.
The End =)

Love . This . Camp ! =D

P/S: Upload pics later =)